Pet Dry Room Kyanos Pet Dry Room Kyanos is a Spanish company based in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Our objetive is the commercialization and distribution of VUUM’s pet care systems.

Pet Dry Room KYANOS offers an innovative Technology to improve and benefits our pet lives, by introducing a new and revolutionary dry system.

Our wide range of products, our knowledge about them and our policy of direct contact with our clients, provide us with the necessary resources to offer the most suitable solution for both professional and private clients.


VUUM, world leader in the manufacture of drying cabins, clean rooms and dust-free production environments, is a company located in Gyeonggy (South Korea) that has 20 years of history which has allowed to evolve their products, applying the latest technology in manufacturing, design and optimization. It has facilities with an area of 1310 m2 and has more than 125 employees.

VUUM has established itself in the market thanks to the development of a pet care system that allows a comfortable drying of pet hair by introducing clean room technology (semiconductor production space) and the development of several related products with the animal care system, being the welfare, care and health of pets the main objective of the company.